Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to make Assorted Chocolate Truffles...

Who wouldn’t love to eat chocolates? It is always very satisfying to make chocolate truffles. There’s no way for you to go wrong…
This is a simple ganache recipe which you can use to make assorted truffles.
I have used different coating to flavor the truffle balls. You can use your nuts of choice or even choco chips to roll the truffles in.
Click below for the video recipe:

For the ganache
Dark Chocolate – 250g
Heavy Cream – 250ml
Vanilla extract/essence – a few drops

For the assorted truffles

Cocoa pdr
Almond meal
Chopped Walnuts
Instant Coffee powder

1.    Chop the chocolate finely.
2.    Heat the cream on low, till it is just about to boil.
3.    Pour the hot cream onto the chocolate and mix till combined and no white streaks are visible.
4.    Add in a few drops of vanilla extract for flavoring.
5.    Cool slightly. Cover the surface with cling film and refrigerate overnight.
6.    Scoop out the ganache using a teaspoon. Roll it into a ball.
7.    Make as many truffle balls as you like.
8.    Roll each ball in a topping either….Cocoa pdr, Coffee pdr, Almond meal or Walnuts.

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